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Danny and Dianne,

Fabulous workshop - thank you so much for everything! Hospitality extraordinaire not to mention all we saw and learned and took away with us. You both are the best and most welcome to our home and studio anytime you come to or through Seattle.

Barbara and Doug


If you're a photographer who wants to improve ...

If you're a photographer who wants to improve and will work hard to learn ...

If you're a photographer who wants to improve, will work hard to learn and wants to take one great workshop ...
...I whole heartedly recommend the We Shoot Sexy Workshop with Danny and Diane Rabalais. Improving your photographic skill set requires the stars to align purrfectly: the right environment plus the right instructors plus the right attitude. Danny and Diane will provide two-out-of-those-three. The third is up to you. I've had a camera in my hands for over forty years.

Danny and Diane's techniques and work flow make capturing high-impact images look simple and instill the feeling that you can, too. Their workshop is fun, inspirational and intense; all rolled into one fabulous experience.

If you've read this far, you're likely on the same page with them, along with those of us who've benefited greatly from the experience of taking their workshop. You should sign up immediately, before the class fills up. And it will fill up.

Thiers is the road to improving your skill set - posing, lighting, one-to-one photographer/subject relationship, marketing, smiling - setting yourself apart from your competition; putting your career in overdrive.

Buckle up and enjoy the ride ...



Hi Danny and Dianne,

I wanted to take a few minutes and send you a email to tell you both THANK YOU! What a great class and what a great time! You guys are both amazing and to learn from you both was a great opportunity and I will be forever grateful for the chance and for meeting you and new friends in class. It kinda seemed to me that most of us knew each other forever which makes it all the more fun and really creative. I learned SOOO much and I can't wait to go from process to practice and do! I'm sure we'll all be in touch and if you ever decide to come north to Oregon, you've got a place to stay anytime!
Talk soon and THANKS again.

I just wanted to let you know I think your Boudoir Posing and Lighting book is terrific! Like you, I have bought and borrowed different boudoir pose books, trying to find one to fill all my needs. They have all been interesting reads, but not practical to use in recreating the images in actual photo shoots. Then I got my hands on your book. I had a boudoir shoot the next day and immediately put it to the test. First, after a few warm up poses in natural light, I tried your lighting from "The Wall." Then we switched to your "Up Shot" lighting. Next we moved on to "The Butt" shots and "Hard Light" shots. Finally, we moved on the ground to "The Bed" and "American Beauty."

The great thing about the book is it kept me focused. I used it to plan my lighting scenarios and worked through the sample poses, plus we added some of our own. I knew exactly where to place the lights and by following your camera settings and hints, it really made a huge difference in the final images. I bookmarked the set ups to use and went from one set up to the next quickly. I felt professional, not flustered, moving through the sets. We didn't even get through 1/3 your techniques in the first shoot. That's nice because I can switch things up and keep my boudoir sessions fresh! Of course, I will be using some of these set ups with my high school seniors as well (not the poses though) as the lighting techniques can be adapted to all types of studio photography. Thanks so much for taking the time to put this together, it is an invaluable resource!



Anyone who wants to learn about Boudoir photography you need to go to this class. You will leave with your head spinning with all of the information you learn.


Thanks for putting the "SEXY" feeling back in me! My hubby thanks you A LOT also!!! It was an awesome treat to be among such great people, now "friends" to have this done.
Lynn W


You guys Rock! Thanks for hanging out and inspiring me in the art of boudoir photography. Combine Pilot



Thanks for answering all my questions. I would SO love to be there learning from you two! BTW, watching you together was an absolute testament to marriage--y'all are awesome.



This shoot was amazing. It was one of kind. I enjoyed so much watching you in action, seeing your creativity flow. Thank you...thank you for allowing me to shoot behind you. You are an awesome teacher. Ya'll are an incredible team, and the love and respect that ya'll have for each other is so evident in your shoots that it made all of us instantly feel at ease.
You are an amazing teacher...let alone a blast to hang out with.

Michelle I


These guys are a great team and deliver the information, as well as demonstrating it all very well ! I highly recommend attending one of their workshops if you are thinking about, or struggling with Boudoir Photography ! The training was invaluable! Thank you Both Sooo Much !